Accueil Louroux-de-Beaune's Economy

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No industry ever existed in Louroux-de Beaune's small community for centuries dedicated to agriculture, altough, at the time of the great "boom" of the mines in the region of Doyet-Montvicq-Bezenet was residence of considerable numbers of miners' families  "Les gueules noires".
The non-duellers explain the increased figures of Louroux de Beaune population which exceeds the 600 inhabitants at the end of the 19th century..

Trade & craftsmen today

L'hirondelle, Counts of host to the farm + room
Réservation preferably, closed Monday and Tuesday
Rolf et Hélène Oosterveld
Au Noyer - 03600 Louroux-de-Beaune.

Pascal Lot, Eartwork - Public works social
Siége social:  Louroux-de-Beaune
Enterprise: Le buisson - 03170 Chamblet

Patrick Clément, Masonery - Cover - Restoration
Les jeanmartins- 03600 Louroux-de-Beaune.

Dominique Meloux, Eartwork - Public works social
Le Bourg - 03600  Louroux-de-Beaune