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The parish of Louroux-de-Beaune of romance period was  transformed at several occasions during the gothic period. This parish of Bourges depended on the abbey of the Cherise Dieu before janing the collation priory of Rongères. The first writings go back to 1357.
During the 13the century a first chapel was added in the angle formed by the transept and the chorus, the piles of crossing are altered and at the 15th century a second ajonction was built on the  North Side.
Important inside restorations were made in 1959. Paintings and colors were removed to regive this monument its original aspect. All this delicate work was realised by men of the country. The success was total, Louroux-de-Beaune's inhabitants were proud of their church of Sulpice Saint.
On October 11th, 1963 the building was registered at the historical monuments' incentury.
The roof of the building was replaced in 1972.
The bell-towerwas rebuilt in 1991.
The cover of the church is remade in 1992 and the sacristy's cover in 2000.
The last priest of the parish was the abbot Astier, well-known under the name of "Priest of Colombier" dead in January 1996.
Since 1986 a great mass is given every year last Sunday of August.
In the 21th century, the Sunday strollers can visit this beautiful church and its picturesque borough.